Carettochelys Insculpta

Pig Nose Flying Turtle

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Pig nose turtles are truly one of a kind among freshwater turtles. Where one would normally find webbed feet, these turtles have adapted flippers to help them traverse gracefully in large bodies of water. Another distinguishing trait is its long & fleshy nostrils which resembles that of a pig’s nose, giving this species of turtle its very apt name.

What i do when i'm not here

Their flipper-feet adaptation has made them incredibly powerful swimmers well adapted to escaping from predators in their native environment. Using their muscular forelegs, they are able to propel themselves forward while their tail acts as a rudder, providing them great maneuverability in the presence of danger. They are one of the only reptiles whom eggs hatch underwater!


Up to 30kg


up to 70cm


25-30 years


Fish & other small aquatic animals


They are endemic to Papua New Guinea but can also be found in Northern Australia as well as southern Indonesia. They typically prefer warm bodies of water & have been observed in rivers & lakes. Pig nose turtles are predominantly carnivorous, making use of their strong jaws to crush crustaceans as well as fish.

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