Chelodina Expansa

Broad-Shelled Snake-Neck Turtle

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About Me

With its serpentine neck & broad oval shaped shell, the Broad Shelled Snake Necked turtle is remarkably unique among its turtle cousins. Endemic to South – Eastern Australia, these turtles can tuck its neck & head under the edge of its carapace as a defensive posture. With a relatively flattened appearance & clawed, webbed feet adapted to swimming in freshwater bodies, these snake necked turtles are ambush predators who will lunge at prey with their long necks, a strategy highly adapted to its deceptive hunting nature.

What i do when i'm not here

They are mainly solitary animals, that ambush their prey, and only interact during mating season.




Up to 50cm


Up to 40 Years


Fish & other small aquatic animals


They can be found in the rivers in South-Eastern Australia, They spend majority of their lives in water.