Chinemys Reevesii

Geomancy Reeves Turtle

About Me

The Reeves or Chinese pond turtle have three distinguishing ridges which run down its typically tan to dark brown carapace. Its skin, while usually a murky green coupled with yellowish blemishes & stripes, run along the sides of its face down its neck. They are native to Asia & inhabit lakes, ponds & small streams. 

What i do when i'm not here

A semi aquatic turtle which enjoys basking on logs & rocks in the heat of the sun, they have been observed to pile on top of each other as they soak in the beneficial rays of sunlight which aids in their digestion as well as regulates their temperature. In captivity, they are lively & active turtles who are social & recognize their owners.




Up to 35cm


Up to 20 years


Vegetables & Fish


Extending across central & eastern China, as well as North & South Korea, Taiwan & Japan, the Reeves turtle predominantly enjoys bodies of water with low currents. These include lakes, ponds & small streams where aquatic vegetation is lush.

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