Cuora flavomarginata

Chinese box turtle

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About Me

A unique adaptation which earns this species name is its ability to withdraw its limbs into its shell, presenting a box like retreat for the Chinese Box turtle in the event of predation. They are native to the subtropical & temperate climates of China, Taiwan & Japan. Males of this semi aquatic species are distinguished by the broader tails they sport compared to their female counterparts.

What i do when i'm not here

A diurnal species, hatchlings are noted to be increasingly aquatic when compared to adults. For the first few years of their lives, Chinese box turtles spend most of their time in shallow bodies of water such as shallow puddles & streams where they will eat carrion and crustaceans as well as small invertebrates & fish.


Up to 2.5kg


Up to 30cm


Up to 20 years


Vegetables, Fish & other small aquatic animals


A semi – aquatic species, they can be found inhabiting ponds & rice paddies as well as forests & grasslands due to its terrestrial nature. They occur naturally in Central China as well as Taiwan & Japan, more specifically the Ryuku Islands, Ishigaki & Iriomote.