Geochelone Carbonaria

Red Footed Tortoise

About Me

Red Footed Tortoise hail from the exotic Amazonia of South America. With distinctive red markings throughout its body & lightly tinged scutes which contrast its dark limbs & carapace, this medium sized tortoise can be found foraging throughout the savannah & forests edge of the Amazon Basin feasting on a diet of primarily plants & fruit while occasionally enjoying a protein rich snack including carrion & invertebrates.

What i do when i'm not here

They tend to gather in small social groups, sharing food among each other & are not exceedingly territorial unless competition for a suitable mate is involved. Head bobbing & similar movements have been observed among tortoises as a form of communication. Variations of this particular species exist as seen in the smaller Cherry Head Tortoises as well as its relative, the Yellow Footed Tortoise.


Up to 9kg


Up to 34cm


Up to 50 years


Fruits, Vegetables, Carrion


Most tortoise species are inactive for much of their day, and red-footed tortoises typically spend more than 50% of their daylight hours resting. After a large meal they may rest even longer, commonly for five to ten days. They seek shelter where there is protection from predators as well as thermoregulation. Shelters are often communal, occupied by as many tortoises as will fill the space.

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