Geoclemys Hamiltonii

Spotted pond turtle

Aldabra Tortoise Xiao Hei 02.JPG

About Me

The spotted pond turtle is dark, freshwater turtle which is predominantly black in coloration coupled with yellow spotty blemishes which are adorned throughout its head & carapace. This contrasting appearance of black on yellow makes them incredibly beautiful with hatchlings having brighter coloration which dulls as it ages.

What i do when i'm not here

These turtles are shy & passive reptiles that gravitate to aquatic vegetation for the shelter & safety it provides against predators. While mostly active during dawn & dusk where they will be foraging for snail, fish & plants in their environment, Spotted Pond turtles do bask most primarily on rocks & logs in their environment, alternatively floating on the slow moving waters they inhabit in order to thermo regulate in the heat of the sun.


Up to 5kg


Up to 40cm


Up to 40 years


Vegetables, Fish & other small aquatic animals


They are endemic to the Indus & Ganges river drainage systems of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Nepal, primarily residing in in slow moving locales of water such as rivers & lakes lush with aquatic vegetation.