Graptemys Pseudogeographica Kohni

Mississippi Map Turtle

About Me

Medium sized semi aquatic freshwater turtles most prominent for the linings on their carapace which resemble the contour lines of a map, the Mississippi Map turtle are native to North America & widely spotted in the Mississippi River. Another distinguishing feature is their keeled, serrated carapace which smoothens out as the turtle ages.

What i do when i'm not here

These turtles are skittish & shy, who will bolt at the first sign of danger. In the wilderness, they have been observed to bask on rocks & logs, sometimes even piling on each other in a bid to absorb the sun’s rays. Juveniles are largely carnivorous to supplement their growing needs & protein requirements.


Up to 2kg


Up to 25cm


30-50 years


Vegetables, Fish, & other small aquatic animals


They are largely distributed along the Mississippi River Valley ranging from Southwest Iowa & Central Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico. These turtles prefer water locales lush with aquatic vegetation & low currents.

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