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Asian Brown Tortoise

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The Asian Brown Tortoise is one of the oldest tortoises in the world, having evolved very little over millions of years. They mainly dwell in forests throughout Asia, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam. The species is known to be mainly vegetarian, foraging on grass, fruits & other low lying vegetation while occasionally feasting on protein. They are also known as the 6-footed tortoise due to the hinds they have behind their back legs that make it look like an extra pair of legs!

What i do when i'm not here

Communication among Asian Brown Tortoise normally involves head bobbing displays & the occasional growling between members of the species. While they have been observed to be social at times, the mating season often involves shoving among males as they demonstrate their courting ritual to suitable females. On a typical day, Asian Brown Tortoise regularly rises early to soak in the rays of the morning sun before moving on to graze on the low lying plants in its surroundings. Females have also been noted to rely on their environment to craft intricate nests to lay their eggs & have been found to exhibit ferocious defensive displays towards potential predators which threaten their nests.


Up to 39kg


Up to 60cm


Live up to more than 100 years


Fruits & Vegetables


The Asian Brown Tortoise mainly resides in the tropical rainforests of Asia where humidity is high due to regular rainfall & the monsoon seasons. Their habitat commonly involves a body of water in which the tortoise can regularly be found soaking itself in when it is not soaking in the rays of the sun which filter through the canopy of the tropical forests it resides in.

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