Nilssonia Formosa

Burmese peacock soft shell Turtle

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An aquatic turtle dwelling within the lower reaches of the Ayeyarwady River in southern Myanmar, the Burmese Peacock Soft-Shell turtle is characterized by its domed carapace & skin coloration which ranges light to dark murky brown. Two yellow streaks appear on each side of the head & it has pale yellow eye – like circles which appear on each scute.

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The significance of the striking orange colouration in hatchlings has been inferred to be aposematic as a means to ward off potential predators, as they are often solitary animals. Virtually little is known of the reproductive behaviour of this species but it has been inferred to be similar to that of other chelonians which inhabit large rivers in Myanmar, relying much falling water levels to kick start the breeding season.




Up to 25cm




Fish & other small aquatic animals


Burmese peacock turtles are found in rivers, swamps, streams, and ponds. They are endemic to the Ayeyarwady, Sittaung, and Thanlwin rivers in Myanmar. Sometimes they are observed stranded on the land during the dry season.