Orlitia Borneensis

Malaysian Giant River Turtle

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The Malaysian giant river turtle is the largest freshwater turtle endemic to Southeast Asia. They are a semi- aquatic species which has been heavily exploited for its meat causing rapid diminishment of local populations. They are believed to be omnivorous reptiles who feed on aquatic vegetation as well as carrion.

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They mainly solitary animals that are capable of remaining underwater for extended periods of time due to a bony lung chamber by the side walls of the turtles’ carapace. The adaptation enables the lungs to withstand underwater pressure remarkably well, enhancing their ability to forage & hunt for food.


Up to 60kg


Up to 80cm


Up to 30 years


Fish & Vegetables


Malaysian giant river turtles are semi-aquatic freshwater reptiles which inhabit large lakes, swamps & low current bodies of water in Southeast Asia, occurring mainly southern Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra & Borneo.