Podocnemis Unifilis

Yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle

About Me

A South American species characterized by the radiant yellow spots it adorns on its head, the Yellow Spotted Amazon turtle is one of the largest South American river turtles. The yellow spots are most prominent in juvenile specimens, with females eventually losing the distinct markings as they age. Males on the other hand retain these spots long into adulthood.

What i do when i'm not here

They prefer to be alone. Males will chase females extensively during the breeding season, nibbling at their feet & tail in an attempt to court them. A diurnal species, these reptiles typically bask in the early mornings & forage for food in the early part of the afternoons. When basking, they are typically observed along the calm waters of lakes and streams where the current is not too strong.


Up to 8kg


Up to 70cm


Up to 70 years


Plants, Fish & other small aquatic animals


Native to the Amazon River basin of South America, Yellow spotted River turtles are predominantly found throughout tributaries & lakes with slow moving current. Their range spreads from the Amazon & Orinoco river systems in Venezuela, eastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, north-eastern Peru, Brazil & northern Bolivia.

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