Oct 24

Cin and her eggs!!


This thread will follow the development process of the eggs that our beloved Sulcata has laid, do note that we are still unsure of the eggs are fertilised. But follow this thread if you want to have the latest updates about our proud little mama!



Cin is a Sulcata Desert tortoise, when female Sulcatas are mature, they can have up to 6 clutches of 10-18 eggs.






The eggs take about 3 months or so to hatch, but even before they do, it will take some time before we will know if the eggs are fertilised.


They were laid on 14/10/2019, so stay tuned!

When can you be sure they are fertilised?

Usually in about 3 weeks or so after they are laid there will be signs of fertilisation, that's when we will know.

Oct 24

@Jedd Joseph : I see that you guys got an incubator! Exciting...


Just to add on regarding the 'signs of fertilisation', there are a few ways we could determine that.

The first method is to visually look out for something known as "chalking".


The white-colored eggs below are not fertilised, whereas chalking can be seen in the slightly translucent, darker colored ones on top. Those may be fertilized. (credits to Yvonne G from tortoiseforum.org).


Having said that, chalking doesn't guarantee fertility, but it does tell you which ones aren't fertile.





At a later stage of development (>3 weeks), some keepers like to use "candling" to reach a more reliable conclusion. This method involves shining a torchlight directly at the egg and looking out for blood vessels of the embryo, as seen in the picture below (credits to Joe Heinen and russiantortoise.net)


Sometimes even if the egg passes both of the above tests, the hatchling will be underdeveloped/deformed and never actually hatch into a healthy baby. So in a cluster of a dozen eggs we would be lucky to have one healthy baby :-)


Yes we are eagerly awaiting development stage!! Mark your calendars for the end of the 1st week of November!

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